For too long, saving money by reducing your heating bills has been synonymous with discomfort, with prudence taking precedence over the presumed lavishness of sitting around in a pleasurable climate. But driven by the belief that saving energy can be both smart and satisfying when it comes to heating, the Munich-based company tado˚ has crafted an app-controlled smart thermostat to combat this. Founded in 2011, tado˚’s aim is to develop technologies and products that enable a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. CEO and Co-founder Christian Deilmann explains how the pioneering team have focused on a market where they can really have an impact: the heating and cooling of homes. The idea was first born after Deilmann returned to Germany from a stint of studying in a perpetually warm state of the USA and enlisted the help of three friends, Leopold von Bismarck, Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski.