KARL VÖGELE AG, UZNACH: Porträt von Jungunternehmer Timo Seitz, dem Gründer und Inhaber von Shoe Size Me im Schuhlager von Karl Vögele in Uznach.


© Benjamin Manser / TAGBLATT

Shoe shopping online used to be rather tricky as the right size was hard to determine due to different brands, countries and models using individual measurements. The solution has finally arrived thanks to the Swiss start-up ShoeSize.Me and its unique size advisor. Timo Steitz has made it his mission to change the perception of sizing in the world of footwear. To put an end to the global shoe size chaos, he founded ShoeSize.Me and designed a unique size advisor, which uses a comprehensive footwear database of sizes, measurements and real customer data to determine what size of a specific shoe model fits.