Fine dining in Cologne’s neighbourhood of Mülheim? Not something you would necessarily expect, but Restaurant Willomitzer now brings a fresh culinary class to the area. Owners Nena and Matthias Willomitzer show just what German cuisine has to offer and serve some newly interpreted dishes, which are simply delicious.


Main image: Matthias and Nena Willomitzer.

If you are looking for affordable German haute cuisine served in a heartfelt atmosphere and with extremely professional, warm service, look no further. Restaurant Willomitzer in Cologne is a petite yet exquisite place to explore German dishes with a modern twist. Run by owners Nena and Matthias Willomitzer, this is a dream come true for them that they get to live every week.

Restaurant Willomitzer: German cuisine interpreted anew, Discover Germany Magazine
Photo: Buffalo mozzarella with tomato stock.

Matthias is the head chef while Nena provides superb service, a combination that works perfectly. “We both trained in luxury hotels followed by gaining experience in top restaurants,” Nena Willomitzer explains. “There has always been the dream to open our own restaurant one day. We managed the ‘Fachwerkhaus’ in Bensberg before we found the right place in Cologne and opened our own restaurant in December 2015.”

Since then, their restaurant has established itself as a real gem in the area. Their speciality is without a doubt the new interpretation of German classics using ‘forgotten ingredients’ such as white root. Everything is prepared freshly, down to the homemade bread. You can immediately sense that chef Matthias has trained in some truly prestigious places, such as Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg and Berlin’s Palace Hotel.

Restaurant Willomitzer: German cuisine interpreted anew, Discover Germany Magazine
Photo: Tuna two ways.

The menu changes regularly in accordance with the current seasons and guests can choose from an eight-, six- or four-course menu. There is also the ‘Kölsch Menü’ – a three-course menu dedicated to Cologne itself. Due to the fact that Matthias cooks almost everything from scratch, the restaurant is very skilled at catering to any special requirements from guests with allergies.

“One of our classics is the homemade black pudding ravioli with sauerkraut stock. Here in Cologne, black pudding is often associated with a famous local dish called ‘Himmel un Äd’, which means heaven and earth,” Nena explains. “We turned that dish into a special ravioli variation.”

Restaurant Willomitzer: German cuisine interpreted anew, Discover Germany Magazine
Photo: Cod.

A great honour and further proof of their successful concept was this year’s recommendation by the Slow Food Guide Cologne. With true passion, culinary creativity and a dedicated service, the Willomitzer family ensures a wonderful experience for the gourmet in all of us.


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