Eröffnungswochenende der neuen Dauerausstellungen des Historischen Museums-Die neuen Dauerausstellungen des Historischen Museums Frankfurt ab Oktober 2017, Eröffnung des neuen Ausstellungshauses, Sonntagsprogramm am 8. Oktober 2017

After ten years of planning and building, the Historisches Museum in Frankfurt reopened with a completely new concept and focus in October 2017. Openness, participation and inclusion are part of the guiding principle, because the museum wants to meet visitors on an equal footing. They should not only examine, but also participate. “The topics of the museum no longer only look back into the past, but also take present and future prospects into consideration,” says museum director Jan Gerchow. This becomes apparent in the permanent exhibition: Frankfurt Now! looks at the city’s present and future. Frankfurt Once? with 2,000 square metres of exhibition space allows visitors to discover the city’s history in five themed galleries.