ELLINGTON HOTEL BERLIN N¸rnberger Strafle 50-55 10789 Berlin Internet: www.ellington-hotel.com E-Mail: contact@ellington-hotel.com Tel. 030 / 6831 50 Fax 030 / 6831 55555

In the Ellington Hotel in Berlin, one can not only feel comfortable, but also take a journey through time – the building was constructed throughout the 1920s and 1930s. And still today, one can find traces of those decades all around it. A focus on jazz and a varied selection of arrangements and packages on offer, make the hotel an exceptional place to stay. “The entrance of the hotel already shows traces of the golden era of the ‘20s,”Astrid Prüger, PR and marketing manager of the hotel, says. Guests pass through brass-adorned double doors and arrive into the lobby which is still preserved in its original state.