In 2005, Margo McClimans was ‘discovered’ as a coach while running her own import/export business, and she’s never looked back. Today, Margo successfully runs Zurich-based ‘Coaching Without Borders GmbH’, where she and her team focus on senior management, offering Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Leadership Development Workshops, Women’s Programmes and Keynote Speeches.


Main image: Coach Margo McClimans at the DiversIT conference. Photo: © Nexthink SA

American coach Margo McClimans is praised by her clients for her individual approach and her ability to quickly build trust through her credibility and knowledge. As one such client recently put it: “Margo motivates and inspires us and puts herself into our shoes. She’s flexible and can easily adapt to our needs.” Her focus is on keynote speeches and working with senior management teams, as she feels this is where her work has the greatest impact.

Coaching Without Borders GmbH: ‘Dare to be your own version of a leader’, Discover Germany Magazine

Margo sees fear as the root of all dysfunctional and negative behaviour: “I also believe it’s totally natural to have fears and insecurities. Part of a leader’s duty is to acknowledge and address those insecurities in themselves so they can be a source of positive inspiration for their people. And that takes courage: courage to be vulnerable, courage to have tough conversations, courage to experience emotional discomfort.”

The best leaders combine both intellectual understanding and emotional gut-checks, hence Margo calls upon both feelings and understanding, and helps clients to do the same in their work.

She sees it as her life purpose to build courage: “So that we dare to say what we mean and mean what we say, and to open ourselves to real connection with others.”


Coaching Without Borders GmbH: ‘Dare to be your own version of a leader’, Discover Germany Magazine

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